From Inspiration To Stage

Concert Of Very Industrious Dramatists (COVID) #2

April 7, 2020

After the success of the first COVID presentation, it returns with another selection of songs from musical composers from around the world!  There really is something for everyone in this second concert, including songs by Molly Lankford (US), Jye Bryant (Aus), Sally Whitwell and Emma Gray (Aus), Anthony Orme (Great Britain) and Dries Janssens (Belgium) and Günther Fiala (Austria), Caitlin Burt and Shauna Carrick (UK), Cal Silbertsten and Patrick Thomas (US/Aus), Robby Allten (US), Adil Jain (Aus), Cally Castell (UK/NZ/Aus), and Drew Lane himself.  So, settle into a chair, grab a good brew, and enjoy this new selection of songs from the latest in new musical theatre!

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